The Bloom Project - EP Digital Download


The Bloom Project - EP Digital Download


I wrote these songs for the joy of it and the pain of it. I wanted to create something the might pull a scarlet thread through the fabric of our lives and connect us through our stories. I guess I thought that maybe this kind of connection would help us to feel a little less alone and a little less afraid in the living.



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  1. Sticks and Stones
  2. Come
  3. Ballad of a Frightened Heart
  4. Bloom (Spoken Word)
  5. Boldly Beautiful
  6. Curious
  7. Attic Relics

Daje Morris | Lead Vocals, Lyrics and Music Composition David Platillero| Music Arrangement, Piano, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Djembe, Saxophone Instrumental Programming, Music Composition and Arrangement for Bloom (Spoken Words), Background Vocals on Ballad of a Frightened Heart and Attic Relics Vincent Charlow | Co-Writer for Bloom (Spoken Words), Music Arrangement Lauren Wolford | Co-Writer for Ballad of a Frightened Heart Alonzo Lewis | Drums and Percussion Tim Hughes | Trumpet for Attic Relics

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by David Platillero

Learn more about the Bloom Project here.