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I love helping small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals achieve their creative goals. By using the power of narrative storytelling, imaginative customer relations, and creative media, I feel confident that we can reach new goals and build audience retention for your next project or event.

All photographic work has been produced by me, unless otherwise noted.



LeAnna Eden

Artist, LeAnna Eden | Charlotte, NC

LeAnna Eden is a brilliant musician, songwriter, and visionary. When we met, she had almost given up on parts of her vision. She'd spent so long building a sense of community only to face setback after setback in regards to creative work. One thing she did not give up on was her music.

Thus, I was inspired. After my first time listening to her live, I knew that I wanted to support her vision, no matter what. Immediately, we began the work of strategizing a campaign. Our tasks included brightening up her social media with color, honesty, and truth; scheduling Spring and Summer tours that would expose her work to new audiences; and employing a captivating release strategy that would reignite her listeners and encourage them to continue tuning in to her heart-capturing stories.

Our work together can be found on her website:


BLA/ALT Music Festival | Charlotte, NC

The BLA/ALT Music Festival was a dream client. It's the creative baby of LeAnna Eden, artist and songwriter based in Charlotte, NC. From the first consultation until the launch of the website, I've had such a blast planning and dream with this sweet team.

This year, I'll be working closely alongside them as a creative director and producer to help bring this community together for the sake of good music. We'll be raising funds, expanding lineup, and transitioning to a new location. It'll be a blast.


The Carpetbag Theatre, Inc.

the carpetbag theatre, inc. | Knoxville, TN

When I was invited to join the Carpetbag Theatre team as the Marketing Director, I was ecstatic. Yet, I knew I had my work cut out for me. The ensemble theatre company had been establishing an artistic legacy around the world for almost 50 years. It was a surprise to me that for all of those years, their advocation for their state-of-the-art projects, productions, and community work had been self-managed. I was happy to step in.

It was so exciting, because I felt that not only had I stumbled across a beautiful family committed to making art together, I had also stumbled across a history mine. I learned so much stepping into this role. I feel so thankful to have gotten to perpetuate and reimagine the aesthetic beauty of Carpetbag's vision through marketing/pr, design, and photography. I cannot wait to see what's next for this team.


the fifth woman | Knoxville, TN

In so many ways, I cut my teeth as a Creative Director with the 5th Woman. When I joined the team as a cast member in 2015, we were in dire need of a few aesthetic uplifts and branding. I had the skillset and the passion to see it through, so I got to work . Together, we rebranded, built a website, designed a proposition, and established a social media presence that was inspiring and impactful. Since, they have gone on to perform at places such as Bonnaroo. What a beautiful 2 years of learning alongside of this team! They were one of my first official clients. I couldn't have asked for a better beginning.

5th woman.jpg

On Becoming Gold

hand-crafted book, on becoming gold. | Knoxville, TN

On Becoming Gold was a passion project I began writing in 2015. I never anticipated the amount of detail, late nights, tears and joy I would experience from handcrafting this sweet collection of poems. Every page of the first print was hand cut and collated by myself at the Striped Light, a letterpress studio. Within 2 months of finishing, I was able to sell out of every copy. This book stretched me as a creative director. It taught me the beauty, forgiveness, and hope that can be found in putting your heart into a project and making it fun.


artist + facillitator, seed lynn | Chicago, IL

Seed Lynn is a brilliantly talented photographer and facilitator. From Chicago to South Africa, I've watched him grow in his ability to share his work with the online world. We worked together to establish a solid presence on Instagram, book new clients, and create a website that feels inspiring.


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