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how to be brave: Tues. september 17

How to Be Brave is an online one-hour intensive workshop for artists and creative thinkers who are done playing games with the status quo. We’re here to get work done, to pick our feet up off the pavement, and to move forward with strategy and joy in the creative process.


it all started with a pep talk.

I can’t explain to you how completely hijacked my framework for adventure and life-loving became that day. One minute, I was perfectly happy living inside of an attic next to a radiator. The next, I was staring at a $1,400 ticket to Johannesburg, South Africa that someone else bought for me with a departure date scheduled for 3 weeks away. I didn’t even have a passport yet.

By the time I got back, I was done with the status quo. I didn’t want to settle for a life that felt less than what I envisioned for myself. I knew I needed to shift some things. I knew I needed change. Thus, I embarked upon some pretty amazing (and scary-as-hell) projects that lead me into things like

  • teaching poetry workshops at Bonnaroo

  • going out on tour again

  • wireframing another book

  • performing at two critically acclaimed music festivals

  • starting a freaking business and going totally full time

Were these things easy? Heck no! Did I fail sometimes? —UH, YES. Did I have a cushion of shelter and financial support surrounding me at every step? Absolutely not! But, what I did have was a vision, a set of values, and a plan to make it all work. I knew more than anything else that I wanted to “expose beauty in all of its messy and inarticulate forms by creating space for others to breathe in the creative process”. That was the vision I had set for myself. And I have seen that vision come to life time and time again.




what you’re gonna

leave with:

How to Be Brave is a one-hour intensive workshop using a framework that I’ve developed and proven through years of working with multi-passionate creatives, writers, designers, entreprenuers, and spoken word poets to help them get their stories out. You’ll leave the workshop with

+ Tools to get you started or keep you moving

+ Resources on resources pulled straight from my swipe files

+ A list of next steps that will take you toward bravery

+ Some fresh vision, permission, and clarity