Daje Morris is becoming a household name in Knoxville by virtue of her magnificent voice and variety of talents. Her songs are beautiful, flowing seamlessly from soulful ballads to upbeat foot-tappers to spoken-word poetry. She’s an incredible lyricist, too, with a humble stage presence that is captivating.
— BLANK Newspaper, 2019

Goodnight | bluhen sessions | rhythm n’ blooms festival - 2019

one, two, three | Waynestock Festival - 2019

One, two, three + Interview | studio865 with wuot - 2019

come w/ spoken word | waynestock festival - 2019

skin and bones | sofar sounds | lexington, ky - 2019

Under the Sky | Knoxville, TN - 2017

Morris is powerful and poignant, yet in a more subtle way than some of her counterparts. She could easily fully indulge her powerful voice, but chooses to keep things simple. Less can be more. I have no clue where Morris is headed, but thought she was worth mentioning as a TN artist making moves outside Nashville
— TunedUp Magazine, 2016