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Always, Always Choose the Sun: How to Take a Meditative Rest from the Internet

How can we do this well when we all have a tireless alarm buzzing in our pockets? It is always notifying us of things we don’t need to know and calls we don’t need to answer (spammy spammers). How can we “be” when inboxes become overwhelming? When every single day someone wants something? How can we rest when the world is literally wired from the sky to the grave with a current that is the secret to making our whole lives work?

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Don't Settle for This

Thinking less of yourself will not make you a better person. Self-diminishment does not make you more or less worthy of affection or love or economic resources. The truth is that your human worth is indefinable, non-negotiable, and limitless. You deserve to have access to good and healthy things that encourage your innate joy--just because you exist. Don't let the naysayers tell you otherwise.

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Listen to My Podcast Interview with 2 Elephants in the Room

Not long ago, I go to sit down with Erin from 2 Elephants in the Room to discuss process. We talked about how I completely fell apart in 2015, the extra-marital assualt that catalyzed my young divorce, and how writing allowed me the massive permission I needed to heal and breathe. You can listen to the episode below.

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Eight Books for Black Women Who are Deconstructing Their Faith

This list is part black-women-who-get-it and part stark resource for searching black lady souls. Resources that help us calculate our grief and separation from White Christianity are very slim. I invite you to peruse the following books that have been very helpful for me in my process.

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a discovery.

There is always a possibility that something won’t work. Yet, there’s some beauty in taking a risk to find out. Perhaps that risk will lead to another ending, but it

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you may never be good enough for some people.