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Five Podcasts for Black Women Who are Healing Themselves

Wholeness is the best kind of revolution and healing is the most devastating kind of protest. For too long, we have been ducking and wading through a system that did not want us, neither whole or healed. Black women have been sweat shop queens, the hard shelters, the greenhouses, the panted after, and the unwanted.

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an ode to self-love by a hard-to-love-black-woman.
How I Completely Lost My Faith (And Still Found Love Divine)

My faith has been on the rocks for a while. I've honestly been afraid that to unravel the details. I’ve been afraid to cause confusion and break the trust of friends who have known my heart for years. I’ve been afraid to speak up and lean in. I’ve been afraid to speak the truth aloud: that my faith, as I once knew it, is broken. I’ve lost my faith. This statement is not a prayer request, nor a cry for help. It is not a scare tactic, or propaganda, or poetry. It is simply the truth of where I am right now, wrestling with the beauty of cosmic love divine

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I cannot spend my whole life running away from tension
do the thing you can't not do.
how i'm learning to practice self-compassion with kindness + strength.