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Don't Settle for This

Thinking less of yourself will not make you a better person. Self-diminishment does not make you more or less worthy of affection or love or economic resources. The truth is that your human worth is indefinable, non-negotiable, and limitless. You deserve to have access to good and healthy things that encourage your innate joy--just because you exist. Don't let the naysayers tell you otherwise.

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for when you get the silent treatment.

How to Navigate the Silent Treatment

Another term for silent treatment is stonewalling. Stonewalling refers to the skill to avoid answering questions related to important issues or answer in a vague or oblique manner with the aim of prolonging the conversation without achieving any fruitful results.  Its a critical power move in which the silencer seeks to regain situational control by shutting down his/her responses to an important point of engagement. It's a form of emotional manipulation that, at it's worst, can result in prolonged emotional/mental injury and abuse.

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