on down days


When you have a down day, you’ll know it.  
Hands will tremble against the stillness  
They will hold the sorrows of the earth  
And you will feel it all buzzing in your bones  
On your shoulders, in your legs  
It will rest heavy on your eyelids  
And become the lullaby in your ears  
You’ll know its caress against your spine  
But your heart will show it no regard.  
Your heart will cover itself with its scent  
But never really give in—the heart  
Is familiar with strides of the mind on down days.  
It will play with you and try to make you believe that you are worth  
The down day; that your value dips below the sorrows of earth--

That the sun has stopped smiling.

So, darling, when you have a down day  
Lift your eyes from the dark—try.  
Go and find the sun.  
You’ll will find it accidentally bruising the skies  
Leaving behind the purples, and the greens and the pinks--  
evidence that the sun is hurting with you—  
So open your blinds.  
Take your bed outside.  
Lie in the dirt and face the sky.  
Let the sun sit with you, let it embrace you  
With its rays on your chest  
Open your trembling hands  
And soak in the warmth that understands  
The weight of down days.

Maybe the sun has stopped smiling.  
But it has never stopped being good.