let yourself be a beginner

photography cred: Sarah Bailes Photography

photography cred: Sarah Bailes Photography


At this moment, I have 208 Instagram followers, 134 Twitter followers, and 150 Facebook fans.

That is not impressive.

With all of my heart, I don't care.

We live in a cluttered digital space where there are more people following than leading. And the truth is that as long as we're beginners, it will always seem strange that we're leading. Ask any 20-something-year-old thought leader how long it took for their fires to catch wind.

Brandon Frame
Blythe Hill
Sarah Kay
Hannah Brencher
Chimamanda Ngoze Adiche
Amandla Stenberg
Zadie Smith
Malala Yousafzai
Deray McKesson
Maya Washington
Franchesca Ramsey
Brittany Muse + Eric Eddings

And so on. So, stop whining, love. Your clean, white instagram photography isn't leading people to reach for the heights or dig deep into the depths. No, you will do that. You will lead people, even if eventually. And if Instagram and Twitter become useful channels of communication, then glory. Hashtag away :) By the grace of God, though your bare feet have been called to walk this rocky ground,  your thoughts fly lofty. Keep them lofty. Keep envisioning. Keep pressing in. Keep pushing your hands through the soil. Refine your voice. Teach your tongue to speak in a language they will listen to, even if eventually.

But most of all, let yourself be a beginner. There is no better time to try things than now. Right now, you have permission to screw it up by accident a million times, because this is the refining. You won't be a beginner forever. 

You know your calling.

You've got this.

Keep pressing.

with the very best of my love,

you have it.



p.s., go listen to this playlist I curated just for you and the days that only January can dish out. :) Luh youu!