Just want to breathe with less rattle--
Wish that I could out-of-body
Through the muddy-loving.

It's too messy.
It's worth it.

Hands in soil.
Hands in soil.
Show up and look down
Close eyes and trust
That warmth is good--
The heat--is a good thing.
And the rain?
The rain is good too.

Stay present.
It's worth it.

The clouds are blooming, dark
The air sparks, electric
Loud promises
No lies.
Stay quiet.
Anger never promised life--
In words.

Stay quiet.
It's worth it.

Dark brings chill to the neck hairs.
They stand up and stretch.
They remind that nothing warm is close;
But close the ears.
The silence is an amphitheater for every lie.
Open eyes to the moon's reflected light--
The moon--proof that the Son is coming--
Proof that the Son will rise.

Stay still.
Close ears until daylight.
It's worth it.

Mud-caked knees--
Loving the ground with kisses that hurt,
Loving the earth with crushed joints and nerves,
All pain, ignored because eyes are on Heaven,
Heaven warms the gentle curve of earth with orange
The Son, spreads his infectious ease
Over cheek bones--I soak it all in.
Hands loosen hold of muddy-love
Turned to easy, rich soil.

It's still messy.
It's worth it.


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