3 Women Who Have Taught Me to Live

Hannah Brencher

If I could model my career after any artist, it would be Hannah Brencher: Writer. Author. Empower-ess. TED Speaker. I was blown away when I realized what this woman built from her words and her love for people. I've been on her "Secret Monday Morning E-mail List" for over a year now, and I have to say that every inch of my soul has been fortified by her fearlessness. She started her journey from the pit of depression and now she uses her words to dig through the muck to find people and to show them that they are found.

You can find more of her work here:


Shameless Maya

My spine has grown at least three inches in the two years since I stumbled across Maya Washington's youtube channel, a video blog that started off as a social media experiment. In 2012, Maya, a shy Canadian photographer and actress, began her "shameless" journey by committing to the painful act of self-promoting her work for 365 days--straight. Her journey to shamelessness is fascinating. What hooked me was her apathy toward fear. She did not coddle fear and she made no excuses for it. I followed her work because of her uncanny ability to hyper-minimize the idea that fear could control someone--and I wanted that ability. I wanted be confident, like her. I wanted to show strength, like her. I wanted to emanate beauty, like her. Maya has proven to be a powerful example of how impactful an artist can be in all of his/her spheres of influence.

Check out some of her other work:

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh Oxenreider.

She is the founder of The Art of Simple, a website dedicated to the art of intentional living where she invites artists and writers alike to blog about the pursuit of simple living. My favorite work of hers is her book, Notes from a Blue Bike where she documents her time in Turkey, Austin, TX and a small town in Oregon. The book is about the small leaps she takes with her family to realize a lifestyle that combines practical minimalism with creativity and real intentionality.

Check out some of her other work here: