How To Be Creative

How to Be Creative

If you’ve ever thought or said, “I’m just not a creative person,” then this blog post is for you. The truth is everyone can be creative. Here’s how.

Be willing to come up with ideas

If you’re willing to come up with ideas, you’ve done about half of the work. Every creative project begins with an idea. So simple, right?

Honor your ideas

While not every idea you have will solve world hunger or end modern-day slavery, they are still your ideas. Don’t throw them away just because you think they’re stupid. Value yourself enough to honor your ideas. This might mean writing down the two lines of poetry that just trickled through your brain, or sketching out solutions to the problems you’ve noticed in your industry. Creatives are not defined by they're excellence but by their willingness to say “I can do this.”

Act on your ideas

Action is what separates the self-acclaimed non-creatives from the creatives.  Practice makes perfect in every creative field. So, practice. Pick up your pen and remember to journal. Pick up your brush and remember to paint. Pick up your camera and remember to capture the moments. Keep practicing and putting in the effort and I promise it will show in your work.

Learn to be Resourceful

Acting on your your ideas may also mean educating yourself on how to best execute them. Whether that’s through college, university, tutorials, books, or apprenticing yourself to someone who is excellent at what you want to do, allow yourself the chance to learn wisely. Creativity is about discovering beauty. The more space you give yourself to study, the more satisfaction you’ll find in your creative process. 

Let yourself be a Beginner

Breathe. You haven’t painted the Mona Lisa, written Adele-like songs, or figured out how to successfully stitch together a plot—yet. And that’s okay. You were never meant to measure up to anyone else’s standards for self-expression. So don’t compare yourself. Breathe and reject perfectionism. Perfectionism produces stress and unhealthy comparison while self-expression produces freedom. You will produce your most heartfelt work when you allow yourself to grow into the experience of self-expression. So, don’t give up.