4 Inspiring People Every Creative Should Discover

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Austin Kleon

TED Speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller's books, Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work, Austin Kleon brings sage-truth to the creative's toolbox to empower the creative to give his/her best work. Kleon's books, as well as his blog, are excellent investments of time for the creative. These easy-to-turn-to books will never have a chance to collect dust on your shelf. You will devour these books and be left wanting for more (in a good way).

image source: http://www.toddhenry.com/about/

image source: http://www.toddhenry.com/about/

Todd Henry

Todd Henry is the author of the book turned podcast The Accidental Creative. I listen to his podcasts almost everyday (sometimes on repeat). Through his books, blog, and podcast, he offers insight on the process of maintaining a consistently high level of creativity without succumbing to burnout, degradation and discouragement. He is a must listen for every creative, no matter the medium.

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The Power of Small Actions
What To Do When You Aren't Inspired

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image source:https://www.facebook.com/Shamelessmaya

Shameless Maya

Shameless has been an essential voice in my creative ear for a while now. Through her youtube channel, she inspires 500,000+ subscribers to step out into a life that is devoid of fear and filled with positivity and encouragement. Her story is one that empowers people to live fully inspired by beauty. You can not go wrong in listening and watching this hilarious woman give insight and speak truth about the realities of shamelessness, creativity, artistry, and the journey toward artistic recognition.

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How to NOT be a Starving Artist
What is FEAR? What are you afraid of?

Face Your Fears w/Divergent Cast Theo James, Shailene Woodley, and Ansel Elgort

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image source: https://hannah-brencher.squarespace.com/book-her-to-speak/

Hannah Brencher

Writer. Author. Empower-ess. TED Speaker. I was blown away when I realized what this woman built from her words and her love for people. More Love Letters is a nonprofit organization that Hannah started when she decided to write anonymous love letters to anonymous people. Check out her bomb-tastic blog here:

Thank You for Staying
You Can't Be All the Things

How to Be "Less" Busy
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