10/25/15, Old City Java, Knoxville, TN


it matters to you too much what they think
you are your own brain
and your own skin
and your own set of eyes
and your own system of nerves
and you've got strength in your smile

but it's okay when you frown


because you are your own mind
and your own soul knows what it likes
because your spirit knows that the cost of fear is death so it chooses to live
with a hope that floods the cracks of the concrete you walk all over
you make words into treasure troves
of grit and worth and value and honor

proving that you have nothing to prove to anyone

and all that beauty that sits on your shoulders like weights
can be released by just opening the windows
of dusty corridors and having the courage to cry
when the pain really pricks  

it matters too much what they think

baby, it's none of your business what they think 

I have redeemed you to be enough
and you are not too much.