Aren't You Thirsty?

Searching for Truth

Thirsty. A metaphor for searching or seeking with desperation.

What are you thirsting for?

I thirst for home, my place, my niche. My heart seeks good, safe, warm walls and an open door. 

Lately my times with the Lord have looked like me trying to find some sort of niche in the vastness of his presence. Many of those times I search with lenses darkened by the speculation that what I am seeking doesn’t exist. That lens of lies will often keep me from seeing what I need to see. Haven’t you experienced this?

Whether you are searching for friendship
or freedom
or affirmation
or solace
or gentleness
or a challenge
Whether you search for the complexities of life
or the easy way out

or unconditional love,
just be careful what lens you see through. 
Let your heart-eyes be enlightened by truth rather than darkened by lies. 

Here is a truth:

When you’ve reached the end of those people and those things, those ideas and ideologies, those places of assurance and doubt, you may honestly conclude that what you’ve searched for doesn’t exist in any of those things.

You’re right, it doesn’t.
Satisfaction in earthly endeavor is only a mirage. 

Take off your darkened lens. I dare you to find with naked eye the one who knows the depths of your desperation. He is the one who measures the depths of your thirsting. Even now, he waits at the end of it all with open arms. Ready for your questions, your high emotions, your hardness of heart and your letting go.

He says, “Come. Come and find me again.”

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground...
— Isaiah 44:3