Internet Noise

I’ve changed up my blog design…again. This time I’m back to where I began. 

Its so easy to get wrapped up in the thousands of voices that come after this precious space I call a blog. They tell me that I need more color and better pictures and less words about race and more “How-to’s” and “What-do’s” and “7-Ways-to-Fix-Your-Life” posts. I think this space is more about serenity and finding God in the all the things I get to find him in and sharing them with you.


So in efforts to shut out the internet noise, I’ll be using these six principles of design to structure my little precious web space:


I am a dynamic person, for lack of a better word. I will write about my books, my God and my culture. Believe me, I’ve tried to stuff myself into a single category and it ain’t workin’.


We can stop pretending, love. The earth is stuffed full of goodness, but we all know it has its moments. Therefore, I want to invite you to hold your heart a little closer to the truth.


The gospel is my center point. Every offense since birth has been justified by the death and resurrection of Jesus. By receiving that truth, I have unlimited access to an eternal Father. Let me tell you, he is a good dad.


And I’ll say it again. My God is a good dad


Freedom & bondage. Victory & defeat. Bravery & fear. These are everyday themes. Let's stop pretending that bondage, defeat and fear rule us and that freedom, victory and bravery are inaccessible. 


For me? This is a space to breathe & process. Inhale the oxygen and exhale the carbon dioxides of life. My little ecosystem of authenticity.